miscellany on a grey day

miscellany 1)

despite trying all morning i CANNOT figure out what in hell is going on with this blog and internet explorer. Not being a “techie” or “computer literate”, it was hard enough for me to change the colors in this shit, never mind re-arranging “div”s and “id”s in what appears to be XHTML. (Although I did find a page by someone called Tantek who wrote something called a “boxmodel hack” which is in the code of my template but makes no fucking sense whatsoever.)

miscellany 2)

i have not drank a drop of coffee since the beginning of my cold. That means 2 weeks without coffee!

miscellany 3)

me n’ katsu bedded down last night to watch “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” which, although not my usual cup of tea (or glass of wine, as it were) was actually quite good! I don’t understand why all of the fcrew didn’t want to watch it at “male-grooming-fest ’05” on Saturday. Instead we watched “Catwoman”, during which everyone else fell asleep, leaving only me and my imaginary friend to make jokes about halle barry’s greased-up teats.

miscellany 4)

i meant to credit Khaos with the photos posted yesterday. SORRY ANDROX!!

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