i would write more, but my hands have formed themselves into claws that approximate the girth of a shovel handle. let’s hear it for NEW ENGLAND WINTERS HOO YEAH!

no seriously, I love the snow and i actually don’t mind shoveling but i just don’t understand why weird parts of my body have to revolt under even that most innocuous bit of exertion. there is one muscle in my left hand that is screaming for mercy and last night i had to use one of those old-people muscle patches (tiger balm, yo) because my arm was so sore i could neither lift the covers nor sleep. god help me when i hit thirty!! there’s just no hope, people!!

in other news, I am smote with love for these boots. they are on sale at the Pru for only 60 buxx. i pray for restraint.

my left hand says no more typing.

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