moving on then,

well, if you like krispy kremes you will be happy to know that the company seems to be struggling to its feet. I actually HAVE been wondering what was up with them ever since they put a store in the Prudential Mall… and on route 1… and in Medford (i mean, REALLY. MEDFORD.) Krispy Kreme used to be something super-cool that you could only get when you went to visit your sister at college or maybe at a sketchy gas station in New York and now all you have to do is hop downriver into Boston, pay the exorbitant parking rate, and there you go!!! Defaulted loans, corporate restructuring and a 42 dollar drop in stock price since last year. bigger, my friends, is not always better.

In other news, it is about 10 degrees in here and my friend the HandyMan has informed me that none of the storm windows are down. “i know” i replied “that’s why i’m wearing my coat”.

But you know, he has a point. If I were a good little worker I would be putting down the storm windows instead of prattling away on blogger. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT IT’S NOT MY HOUSE AND I AM JUST GOING TO SIT HERE AND COMPLAIN ABOUT HOW MY LEGS ARE FREEZING.

no seriously, they are.

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