so i know that there are infinite bloggers out there and that my blog is a mere drop in the bucket, a grain of sand on the vast shore, if you will, but this morning while blog-surfing i found TWO other people that use MY template!!! the weird thing is that i found them BACK TO BACK. i mean, come on what are the odds.

in other news, last night turned out to be a vodka night, and a heavy-consumption one at that, but my efforts to purge my misery via Ketel One were unsuccessful. After taking a sweeeeeet SECOND PLACE (!!!) in trivia, katsu and i made our way up the dark stairwell to the apartment, I mixed myself a nightcap, and proceeded to RANT for AN HOUR about you know, the shit that drove my cocktail consumption to a new & desperate level. My katsu is a very good listener, god bless his heart.

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