retrospective of bad fashion

ok, in a slightly better mood today although i had a night of poor sleep and much bitching at Katsu, who had the misfortune of sharing my bed. But here’s the thing:

i had ANOTHER high school dream.


only this time i was GETTING DRESSED FOR THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. Like, remember how you’d do that? Maybe it was just me, but i always had this delusion that the outfits on the first and last days of school (and many days in between, like Monday thru Friday) would somehow seal my immortality in the hearts and minds of my peers. This, of course, was a fallacy, one that landed me in many horrible outfits such as the classic:

“Velvet Blazer, Docs and ‘Enough-Black-Eyeliner-White-Face-Powder-and-Red-Lipstick To Drown Tokyo’” ensemble.

I wasn’t goth, i just thought it looked dramatic. there was also the fine fine period in ’94 when my friends and i declared one day out of every week “grunge day” and would raid our parents closets for old flannels and wear them over band tees. Even though it was, like, only ONE day a week, ‘grunge day’ seemed to define us as people somehow, to set us apart from the other people who were JUST NOT COOL ENOUGH for grunge day. Also the cut-off short shorts that i cannot believe my mother really let me wear, and the black Converse All-stars that i would draw on and OH GOD the blindingly orange ‘Guess?’ skirt that i only wore because it was guess… jesus…

So in my dream i was getting ready for the last day of school, but for some reason I was MORE EXCITED about the outfit because i knew that in a parallel dimension somewhere, i spent every day in a drafty corner of a house and rarely ever saw anyone and the most important criteria for my daily togs was ‘what will keep me warm when someone spontaneously turns off the heat’. Therefore, this was potentially the last time anyone would care what i was wearing and i knew i had to make it count.

What did i wear? Well, i sort of woke up while choosing jewelry and chatting with my dad about the Pink Floyd show he was about to attend at MSG, but I’m sure that I settled on something fabulous. Not to worry.

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