just a small rant

about photohosting and computers. Now, i will not go so far as to say that i would benefit from having my own computer. Far from it – i would more likely drive myself and everyone else around me crazy. I am afraid of technology; afraid of the worms and viruses and spyware and adware and everything else that can veer horribly awry with the click of a mouse. I don’t understand HTML, much less XML but all i want to do is be able to post pictures to my blog. on. my. own. i tried to copy a link to a photo into my profile and there were too many characters, then i tried a shorter link and apparently i need a jpeg extension, so i tried to download “hello” or whatever, to the imac downstairs because it is the most stable machine at work, and no dice: apparently “hello” is for WINDOWS ONLY. Now i know that you, my friends, will read this and say “oh well all she needs to do is bla bah bahrg and right click and she’s done” but IT’S JUST NOT THAT EASY. the computers i use are NOT MINE and if i fuck them up i might well get fired. i have to hold Katsu’s hand just to download the latest version of Adobe reader and even then am deathly afraid that i will trigger some time bomb in the guts of this old PC, thus sending us spiralling into analog oblivion. i didn’t know what a disk drive was until i was 18, i didn’t know that “shift” could make capital letters until 23, and at 25 I still don’t understand how to insert images into the template of my blog. but i feel that these deficiencies are largely due to a lack of exposure and freedom to experiment! i want my own machine to ruin. god help me, i do.

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