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how many dreams have i had where i was lost in new york? Come on, just guess. OK, like 5 or so. and the other night i added one more to the list. I was trying to find my college roommate’s high school and was running – RUNNING – all over town trying to get there. In my dreams, New York is always lower to the ground than the real new york, and there are more trees all over the place and cobblestone streets. In one of my New York dreams there was a buddhist temple / oxygen bar. most recently, though, i was running to get to her old school and then – lo! she (the roommate) appears in her forest-green saturn sedan! and drives me across town and OH SO VERY CLOSE to the school when all of a sudden I’m like, “ok, drop me here, i can find it from here” and then i’m lost again. because fuck, man, that’s how it ALWAYS ends!

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