ah yes, back at the productivity farm here, entering emails dilligently into Outlook like a good little gerbil. So difficult to be back after 4 days of RELAXATION and SLOTH. My parents bought shades for the windows in my (the room where i sleep when I’m home) room so this time i wasn’t brutally awakened every morning at 7AM by the unadulterated, unsheathed sunbeams… that was good!! yay!!

and i got many nice presents and had many nice meals with the family that i have finally come to appreciate. and i would like, oh say, another 5 days to laze about in my PJs watching sex & the city and drinking vodka and assorted mixers, eating fake chicken and mustard and pickles, playing Scrabble… but must get back to my SUPER IMPORTANT job of MANUALLY ENTERING OUR ROLODEX INTO OUTLOOK.

i guess I shouldn’t complain, though. Due to a late return by Katsumi from CT i simply never wound up coming into work yesterday, and although that didn’t really fly well with The Boss, you know, I’m not fired and shit, so that’s cool.

and in final news, the down started coming through the cigarette burns in my coat so i had to buy a new one. let’s hear it for “new and improved black coat version 3.0” I have to say, it’s the best one yet.

and in final final news, my wonderful and loving mother fulfilled my most extreme tech-fantasies and gave me an ipod! hooray – now i can be one of the cool kids!! at last!!

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