urgh **gurgle**

no im not drunk. i have been christmas shopping for four hours and i feel d-e-a-d. dead. four hours of harvard square wellesley newtonmarshall’s and, finally and most horribly, WAL-MART. i fucking hate walmart and i hated having to drive 30 minutes to get there to wait on line behind some of the most depressing specimens of human life all to buy a fucking gift certificate for my friends in kentucky. then i hated driving through framingham rte 1 traffic back to newton. i didnt eat anything all morning and now that i have eaten a veggie cxnoodle bowl i am absolutely


wasted. and sadly, so sadly, there is no vodka in the house today. but the upside is that now i have all the christmas shopping done. and, perhaps best (or worst, depending on how we look at things) i treated myself to a much-needed new pair of jeans. hoo-rah. i’m napping now.

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