weird briefing from the inside of my head

ok, so i’m actually in the middle of (gasp) DOING SOME ACTUAL WORK, but i had to stop when i remembered my dream last night. It was a night of many weird dreams, as i spent half the night passed out on the floor face-down on a crossword puzzle, but the one i remember was, i think, dreamt between the time i crawled into the bed and the time that the first alarm went off at 6:30.

so i was in a (double gasp) SORORITY, and we were on safari… yes. and we were camped out in the desert. and we had to move because we were going to spend the night in the jungle. Being the smallest and the weakest, i think that i only carried a ladder or something, but once we got to the new campsite, i remembered that i had left all my clothes and stuff back at the other camp. So i headed back to the desert, but halfway between the jungle and the desert there was an office park and a white house. i went into the white house and this like 8 year old boy was like “i’ll get on the snowmobile and get your clothes! be back in a minute!” and off he went, on a snowmobile, into the desert. my younger sister was suddenly with me, and then over the crest of a dune we saw these fucking tough-looking sorority girls carrying our massive tent on their backs. then there was something unclear, but my youngest sister was inside the house, apparently having some kind of freak-out because she didn’t want to go home and i was like “FINE WE’LL LEAVE YOU HERE”, (a la the parent who is like, “ok, daughter, you stay in teh toy store and i’ll go home”) and my baby sister was like “FINE” so then we all cried and i think i broke a wine glass. then i woke up.

i also remember part of a dream i had on the floor where i was with Jude law and my college roommate and a bunch of other people, including Panthro from the Thundercats, and we were stranded in a flood on the outer edges of Manhattan. i swam ashore on a reconnaissance mission to find food, and wound up in a bayou dive bar that sold Burritos. so i called everyone on their cell phones and told them to come down for Tequila and food, but my food took a long time. then it was last call and my food still hadn’t arrived. then i tried to get a drink and the bartender was like “no”. but he sold another member of our party (one of the subjects of the film i’m working on) a case of miller light, so i said I’d buy a bottle of vodka. Turning around, i saw MY BOSS, and, knowing his favorite vodka is Grey Goose, bought a bottle of that. then i woke up.

don’t you wish you had dreams like mine? where your boss shows up like every other night?

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