last night i had a dream that paris hilton was my best friend. and later on in the dream i put my coat down on the stove (of course, my only nice black “goin’ to a pro-FESsional meetin'” coat – burned to a crisp) and my mother grounded me.

what the fuck is going on inside my head.

in other news, the weekend was one of the most excellent weekends i’ve had in awhile, the laziness of which further confirms my theory that life ends at 24. katsu and me spent ALL (every moment) of saturday morning playing video games and reading, respectively, with a brief nap from 10-11AM which left my pillow embarassingly wet with drool. I don’t drool while i sleep, so WHY do i drool when i nap? reason #102 to avoid naps. then we did a mid-afternoon, post-nap, pre-dinner pub crawl of Newton Highlands and we were off to dinner with my parents and my dad’s side of the family. wow. we ate a lot and got more tired. i think i may have been a little drunk, though, because back at my parent’s house i found myself involved in a heated – and i mean HEATED- debate with my dad aunt and uncle about how GWB is dragging our country down the shitter. it was like the liberal in me ate a fireball of rage and came vomiting up out of my better judgement.

secret gathering, real sex and sunday. again, eating ourselves silly and stumbling over to a matinee (LIFE FUCKING ENDS AT 24, I’M TELLING YOU!!!) of Sideways, a movie which once again proves that critics have no taste. my opinion: it was 90 minutes too long and too too too pathetic. except for the wine. i like wine. and then we went to <<>> and drank some.

the weekend could only have been better if the Bills had won on Sunday and if i had not had that dream about Paris Hilton. really!!

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