24 hour days…

so here I am in front of the evil PC at 10PM. Yes, 10PM. Yes, I have been here since 10AM. Right here. In front of the evil PC. Sure, there were short breaks for coffee, groceries, and cleaning the office refrigerator. Sure, I did a few interviews (with my back to the evil PC, displaying the “rushing thru deep space” generic Windows screensaver) but overall my day has been spent running in circles that end in front of this machine. The evil PC. The beginning and end of each day here on the chicken farm.

Is it normal to have to do your boss’ grocery shopping? To do the dishes and the fridge? Is it MY fault that I am not content to live in a seething festering pit of rotting chutney and germs?

aaahhh… the evil PC. I can feel my eyes burning.

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