• up all night

    but while i was sleeping. that’s right. i had a dream that i was sleep deprived. ha!! but the BEST BEST BEST was the part of the dream was where i was britney spears and i was beating the shit out of Christina Aguilera. She was a witch and gave me some magic vial of […]

  • in a departure from dreams:

    IS IT TOO MUCH TO FUCKING ASK TO ACTUALLY HAVE ENOUGH WORK TO FILL MY VAPID, SENSELESS 8-HOUR WORKDAY? while i realize that many people would kill for a job that gave them enough free time to read a full three months in the life of Heather B. Armstrong (www.dooce.com for those of you in […]

  • dictionary, anyone?

    a new word should be created to describe the unimaginable weirdness that comes from a dream of making out with your first fuck. especially when within the world of your dream he has just been released from prison and you are swapping spit in the back room of an abandoned hospital. but things got better, […]

  • what hit me over the head?

    god – complex dreams sure are exhausting. i was home from college for a weekend with the folks… and for some reason we were in a synagogue at a jewish service. the rabbi would preach from different places in the temple and the seats swiveled to accomodate his placement. it was pretty space-age – high […]

  • fuck

    i had the dream – i woke up and was like “i can’t wait to write this down” & now i forgot. maybe it’ll come to me later.