Category: worst week ever

  • Jury Duty: with a punchline. and excessive CAPS LOCK.

    Last night at 2am, while Katsumi was knee-deep in a work-related all-nighter, I conscientiously set my alarm for 6:35. I had jury duty at 8, planned to take public transportation, and I didn’t want to be late. So it was with no small amount of displeasure that I awoke at 7:24, with no time even […]

  • Shoot two, Day nine, but actually really day eight. It’s long, but I promise it’s worth every second.

    Sometimes, in life, things happen that are just too terrible to describe. During my 28 years on this planet I’ve had a lot of putrid shit go down, and I’ve been to accurately translate all of it, at least for my own personal remembrance, in a true and honest fashion. But yesterday, at about 4pm, […]

  • After 28 years of snow-filled winters, I and my Visa finally buckle to the elements.

    I used to really like going to EMS. In my younger days, I dated a biker and then, later, an Eagle Scout, so I spent a lot of time browsing around, buying weird packets of electrolyte goo or camping stoves, and would inevitably wind up blowing serious cash on miniature Nalgene bottles and those hooks […]

  • it only would happen to me.

    Katsu and I had just left the house and were headed to Providence airport, where we would meet my dad and my sister and fly to Pittsburgh for my uncle’s wake. Everyone was on edge – his death was unexpected, to say the least, and our whole family was feeling the effects of the tragedy. […]

  • 2008, you are the worst.

    i can’t sleep, so let me relay this anecdote: I often have dreams about friends I haven’t seen for some time. The dreams are usually very vivid and bizarre and result in my emailing whichever old friend to be like “HOLY SHIT DUDE you will never guess…” I generally find it a fun, if intrinsically […]