Category: worst week ever

  • Is it Monday already?

    So I’m crawling out from under the bed – my, how you’ve changed since I’ve been gone! You’ve got that new haircut and, hey, wait a minute, have you lost weight? Hey, I’ve got a new haircut, too! I did it in my bathroom, with an old pair of Fiskars! No, just kidding, I used […]

  • FML. Really. No, REALLY really.

    Imagine we’re on Facebook here. Erinire A… Just found out she has a health insurance deductible of $4,000. Good thing she’s not at all dependent on weekly therapy and expensive medication to keep her alive! … Oh, wait. Well, at least she’s incredibly wealthy, right? … She’s not? Shit, OK, well… At least she hasn’t […]

  • This really gives my “car-ma” category new meaning.

    Our neighbor knocked the sideview mirror off our car. And by “our car” I mean “B!’s car” by which I mean the Focus. To be fair, the mirror hadn’t attached properly since August 2006 and had been held on with metal screws since sometime in 2007, so it probably wasn’t the most solid of things. […]

  • I guess it’s kind of obligatory to make a show of goal-setting.

    Another day in the bell jar, despite things generally being A-OK. We’re a little behind on our bills because of that oil heat thing, but that’s not so dire, and my boss comes home on Monday, so this is technically my last leisure day for some time. But I don’t think either of those things […]

  • I’m glad I didn’t get litigious with those voicemails.

    B! and I spent our first Christmas together with no heat. Things started to go south the night of the 23rd, it would seem, because by the morning of the 24th our thermostat read five degrees below its target. We pondered this while rushing to my parents’ house, 40 minutes away, for Christmas Mass and […]