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  • something about

    … old computer… powerMac… floppy disc … yelling at ex to give me my fucking money… like NOW. but last night i dreamed that antonio banderas was my secret lover and he gave me a vacuum cleaner head as a token of his affection. i liked that one better.

  • hungrrrrry

    mmmmmmmmmm……. what to eat… could it be a fresh sandwich from Bakers best or perhaps a meaty slop ona bun from Blue Ribbon BBQ… only time will tell…


    i like bloody marys- i like them a lot and I am drinking one right now. Contrary to popular opinion, they are NOT only for breakfast!! but a word to the very wise- one ought not use horseradish SPREAD when trying to make one… lumpy clumps of goo are not so delicious and most unpleasant […]

  • stereo DAT

    ambience. kids talking, playing basketball, playing pool, being kids. My job is to document this. So what, exactly, am I to say about it? 10:52 PM. Been here since 10:30AM. my car is in Cambridge at ths only post office open late enough for our editor to file his taxes… been gone for over an […]

  • 24 hour days…

    so here I am in front of the evil PC at 10PM. Yes, 10PM. Yes, I have been here since 10AM. Right here. In front of the evil PC. Sure, there were short breaks for coffee, groceries, and cleaning the office refrigerator. Sure, I did a few interviews (with my back to the evil PC, […]