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  • how

    … does a cold not only last, but also increase in magnitude, for eight days running? … much longer will my employers tolerate my illness? … will I order meat at the deli counter if I can’t talk? … is my pie dough *supposed* to look after I’ve refrigerated it for the hour? … did […]

  • please verify transmission

    The unfortunate thing about being me is that I’m genetically incapable of napping. Even when I’m sick, even when I’m tired, daysleeping is just not a viable option. This is of particular consequence today because recently I’ve also been unable to sleep when Katsumi’s not around. Friday night, he had to work until 4am. Therefore, […]

  • Saturday wedding update

    THE BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES!!! !!!ARE ALL FUCKING DONE!!! Do you feel my excitement? DO YOU FEEL IT? All eight, count ’em, EIGHT bridesmaids, have their dresses chosen and on order. It took three months, six trips to the bridal salon, and endless haggling with my mother, but today I laid down the plastic and made the […]

  • In my head this morning

    I think we can all agree that, as a rule, having songs in your head sucks. They’re never GOOD songs, or songs you’d WANT to hear over and over and over… A few days ago I had the “song that never ends” in my head, and that, combined with the raging virus of death, nearly […]

  • Assorted ranting

    Rant A:So I’ve spent the better part of the morning screwing with my template, trying to use this fancy-pants Flickr tool to change the heading to a photo of my choice. Or a different color. Or something. No dice. Rant B:So yeah, I’m still in plague-mode, which blows on a number of levels. 1) being […]