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  • Aimless

    So the weekend was awesome, though you wouldn’t be able to tell from my posting. Not only was I slogging through achy death until 4pm each day, it’s also a little rude to be like “oh wait, sister that I only see like three times a year, I have to not talk to you and […]

  • Sundah

    I promise that the weekend entries will get better. I swear. But one can only do so much when one is out drinking until 2am and then awake until five. And visiting one’s sister. And hungover like a motherfucker. We went out for lunch at 3 today, and I was so thirsty I almost passed […]

  • obligatory hungover saturday post

    am in dc pls send advil and new lung. did you know they can smoke in bars here? they can. i am dead. and taking a shower now.

  • quick, but pressing, question

    How can the airfare from Boston to Mexico City POSSIBLY be only ONE DOLLAR more expensive than the airfare from Houston to Mexico City? ONE DOLLAR, people, a mere ten dimes. For like, a thousand miles of air travel. And this morning I come to the harsh realization that I’ve been spending up my Air […]

  • oh hey, you there. HI!

    So where have I been? Where, indeed. I’d love to be able to tell you that I’ve been writing the Great American Novel or lost in the narcotic haze of a drug binge. The truth, however, is much more mundane. I’ve been thinking. Thinking a lot about mundane things, doing a lot of pondering about […]