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  • Free Advice: in this life, you get what you pay for.

    In honor of Saturday, B! and I decided to take a road trip to Tucson, a city he’d never been to and one I can’t spell without a dictionary. We had grand ideas, he’d made big plans, and we had a lot to get done. What we didn’t have was a lot of money. Solution? […]

  • We know how to party, we do it every day

    So I just got to Arizona for phase two of my vacation, and today I decided to kick start it up right: with another trip to the dentist!! My guy in LA knew a guy in Chandler AZ, so 1pm found me lazily texting from yet another plastic-wrapped motorized chairlift, bib around my neck and […]

  • You want to come on vacation with me. I have all the fun.

    I’m sitting on Christina’s couch right now looking at an array of pill bottles. My face is completely numb. I just took a Vicodin, I’m contemplating a spiked lemonade, and I can’t eat anything for another 15 minutes. What happened here? Yesterday morning, I woke up with a toothache. It was a constant, steady pain, […]

  • Arizona. Yup, it’s still there.

    So you heard all about my lovely flight TO Arizona, but what did I do when I was actually IN Arizona? What, indeed. Cooking. I did a lot of cooking. I also did a lot of movie-watching and some sightseeing. Can you believe they’re selling that mountain? Call that dude – you could be the […]

  • My trip, so far

    I’m going to Arizona. Or, rather, I’m trying to go to Arizona. Flight out of Boston last night was delayed for 90 minutes while maintenance crews inspected the aircraft for a mystery bird that may or may not have been biffed on landing, and the delay, regrettably, caused us to miss our connection in Atlanta. […]