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  • If anybody else tells me I shouldn’t have checked the camera, I’m liable to go postal.

    The more I travel on in this world, the more I become convinced that the universe uses me as its toilet. I arrived home from Cancun at 11pm Sunday night, opened up my suitcase, and found an empty camera bag. No D80. No lenses. No good. My mother was surprised at how well I handled […]

  • One-way conversation with an old guy in Miami

    I’m trying desperately to find a working outlet at the Miami airport so I can charge my computer before my flight to Cancun. All the plugs on the Samsung charger are full, and the plugs in the wall don’t seem to be operational Me: Shit. Guy: looks up from his book Me: Can you believe […]

  • American Airlines: please sink into the ocean and die.

    The problem with being an insomniac, even an insomniac with a cache of tranquilizers, is that there are no half measures. There’s no “turning in early”, there’s no” quick five hours of shuteye”, there’s only unconscious or no. And when you have a 4:30 wakeup call, the answer is usually no. So it was no […]

  • For anyone who was wondering, I won’t be in Cancun until 9pm.

    I was supposed to get there at 2 in the afternoon. Guess whose flight was cancelled. Guess who’s now traveling to Mexico via Puerto Rico via Miami, so guess who gets to go through Customs twice. Guess who is not pleased. Traveling. What bliss.

  • When a loss is a win. And, kind of, a loss.

    I was nineteen the first time I went to New York City. Kaia, my college roommate, is heir to a Jersey City brownstone just blocks from the Hudson, and starting my sophomore year I began making regular trips. During those heady days I would basically split my time off between NY and Boston, each visit […]