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  • My trip, so far

    I’m going to Arizona. Or, rather, I’m trying to go to Arizona. Flight out of Boston last night was delayed for 90 minutes while maintenance crews inspected the aircraft for a mystery bird that may or may not have been biffed on landing, and the delay, regrettably, caused us to miss our connection in Atlanta. […]

  • old news, by now.

    We split the last day of our roadtrip between Jerome and Sedona: two opposite vistas within 20 minutes of each other. Here is Jerome, esteemed home of Maynard from Tool: and here is Sedona, esteemed home of… nobody except rich people and spa owners. I was unimpressed. This tree was pretty cool, though, as was […]

  • sunrise, sunset

    It was a four hour drive through night desert to get from Williams to Monument Valley, a drive we spent listening to drum n’ bass and jazz, so we arrived at our hotel tired and spent. “But we have to be up early tomorrow,” B! told me. “So be ready” Getting up early has never […]

  • The canyon, which is grand

    When I decided to visit B! in Arizona, I had no idea that I was setting myself up for the road trip of a lifetime. I thought I’d fly out, chill around, smoke cigarettes, drink coffee. Normal stuff. And while I did all those things, I also saw amazing sights, took in amazing vistas, and […]

  • Solicitation, fan service.

    I finally uploaded all the pictures from shooting in the desert. So go look at them. I had fun.