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Why I left my shrink: the long and the short.

THE LONG Recently, I’d begun seeing a shrink to help sort out all the exciting and wonderful feelings I’ve had lately. You know, despair, hopelessness, general lack of self-worth, all the really fun ones. With all this talking about feelings, it was inevitable that, at some point, we’d start talking about the very strong feelings […]

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holidays make me nervous and weird.

Being the neurotic mess of a human that I am, it stands to reason that in and around momentous family or social occasions I go from charmingly obsessive to freakishly insane. Over the past five days, there was not only Thanksgiving, but also my ten-year high school reunion, my mother’s birthday, and Our First Holiday […]

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things that creep me out

i’ve been thinking lately that there are a lot of things that creep me out that other people probably think are normal. – people who use terms of endearment across the board. Ie: “hello, sweetie!” (to boyfriend) “hi there, sweetie!” (to boss) “what’s up, sweetie?” (to guy making sandwiches in cafeteria) It seems so disingenuous. […]