Lightroom! Why??


I’m going to go ahead and apologize in advance – I just spun up the hard drive with my photo archive only to find that my Lightroom catalog for said photo archive had disappeared. So I’m making myself feel better by going through old pictures and admiring them in their natural beauty. Here’s a pretty one, taken in 2009 with my friend Stephl’s camera. It was pretty cold out.


Here’s Jake passed out on my parents’ old couch. I think this was the first time I ever used a 50mm lens.


The infamous “beauty” sign near the Produce District in Chelsea… I loved it so much I got it tattooed on my left calf. No picture I could ever take would match the splendor of the real thing. It’s gone now. They painted it over.


This is my mom’s Nativity set. My sisters and I used to get so excited if we got the Baby Jesus, and super bummed out if we got a big ugly camel.


I don’t know what this is. But it looks pretty tripped out.


Uff, God, and now I just got into newer pictures that I did a lot of editing work to, and I kind of want to die again. So to close it out, here’s Totoro. Because nobody can want to die after looking at his sweet face.


ND Shoot 5: Photobooth cures all



I’m a good worker, I swear.

Radio-head. ha.

I like to learn new things.

Fun with the sun


Train tracks behind main st. in Fargo

Fargo is good so far. I can tell that it’s been missing me all summer.

The Illustrious Return of the Thirteen-Hour Workday


In honor of the long weekend, I’m going to show you some of my fetish pictures.

The Box

well, hi, what do you think I was going to post up? Shoes? Bondage? Seriously, I’m not some kind of freak.

OK, two boxes, then.

Last month we picked up our DVCPro deck, and just this past week, suddenly having an immediate deadline that required us to start screening footage, I opened up the box.

Styrofoam is key

You can almost feel the anticipation, right? That new hardware smell?

And then…

The Money Shot

Man. I mean, MAN. That is a beautiful machine.

Deck, side left

Deck, side right

And, lucky me, I’ll be spending my whole weekend with it. Because I’ll be working in a windowless edit suite, transcribing footage and sync-ing audio clips.

So everyone out there drinking beer by the ocean? Having fun and cooking barbecue? GO EAT A DICK.

Not to worry


I’ve been keeping myself busy. A few months ago, DSP inc got a scanner. A few weeks ago, I put it to good use.

To wit:

in makeup for Babes in Toyland, circa 1993

erinire, at the tender age of twelve.

I’m in the process of scanning ALL my old pictures – ALL OF THEM – from when I was a baby up to when I was in college, and for a few short months thereafter. Let the games begin!

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