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Bad Ideas 401

401? Woah, that’s a high-level course. In case you didn’t take the prerequisites, let me bring everyone up to speed. Bad Ideas 101: Adopt a Street Cat Lesson plan: initial skepticism – leading to cute tricks – resulting in total acceptance – Bad Ideas 201: Capitulate to Husband’s “no neutering” Mandate Lesson Plan: 60 days […]

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This done, I need something new to read. Your help is appreciated.

A truth about myself: if, at any moment, you ask me what I’d rather be doing, the secret answer is probably “getting quietly plowed on a solo bar mission, completely engrossed in a good book”. But, as much as I love reading, I do have this problem – I read very quickly. Especially, for some […]

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Helpful hints on how to spend your economic stimulus check.

It’s my birthday kind of soon, and, although my list is usually of the “oh, gee, whatever, I’m easy” variety, this year I have some very specific requests. So I figured I’d give everyone a heads-up and some lead time, because some of this shit is kind of expensive. First off, I’ve gone far too […]

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Free Advice

Ladies, if you happen to wake up at 6am in the middle of June, and spend the following two hours blowing allergy-snot, it’s probably not a good idea to try and use all that extra “being awake” time to straighten your hair. Because it’s fucking June and it’s fucking humid and you only got like […]