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You can thank me later.

To have a really awesome day, the first crucial thing to do is wake up with a hangover. This will really set things on the right path. Next, what you need to do is DRINK A LOT OF COFFEE. I mean, LOTS. On an empty stomach. If you’re really aiming for the stars, get one […]

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Falling is great.

I have many stories from last weekend, as any weekend that includes one bachelorette fiesta, one six flags deathmatch, one post-coaster boozefest, and one fantabulous wedding shower might. But here – HERE – is *the* fucking story. I saw the face of God. No joke, people, I went toe to toe with my own mortality, […]

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Apparently, Chuck Klosterman’s got a line in to my soul.

Two weeks before the trip to Fargo, I stopped by a favorite local bookstore to grab some preemptive in-flight literary material. As Katsumi would say, I was in one of my “moods” so the compact hardcover copy of “Killing Yourself to Live” virtually leapt off the remainders table and into my hands. I didn’t even […]

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I’m kind of glad that I’m old and fat.

Heading to APW last weekend, I was prepared to feel hopelessly un-hip. I usually do, when I go to New York. (Or LA, for that matter, but I digress.) My wardrobe is very much that of a potentially professional woman who never really has a need to dress professionally, and as such, I generally resort […]

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Free Advice: OTC sleep aids edition, vol. 1

I picked up some Unisom Sleep Melts at Target yesterday. The insomnia that began sometime in January has continued, unabated, through this late date in July, and I’m done spending my nights staring listlessly at the tiles in our hung ceiling. Under the “buy more, save more” spell that Target tends to work on my […]