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I’m always this accurate in my diagnoses. Seriously.

So we’ve had Jake for a little bit now, and, so far, no mishaps. No biting, no scratching, no clawing holes in the screens and, most importantly, no peeing. None. When the doctor went in to take out the errant testicle (Small Jake had a ball in hiding, for the uninitiated, a man-sac that never […]

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Spend enough time at the pool, eventually you’re gonna get wet.

I know, people are assholes on the internet. Back in the days of Orkut I used to encourage engagement with such folk, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve mellowed down. Happy, medicated, more mature, I rarely interact with the flame war ilk. But I do still have a temper. So I bought this thing on […]

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In my NEW car, you can use any door you like.

I had to work all weekend, but I forced B! to go out and get us a Christmas tree. He didn’t really want to – he was  into the aluminum tree idea – but I was adamant about a REAL tree. Because I have ORNAMENTS. That hang on a REAL tree. Or so I said. […]

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Like a Quick Tip, but not from Yelp.

I was 30 minutes early for an all-afternoon budget meeting yesterday, so I decided to kill some time in West Roxbury. I stopped at the 7-11, bought smokes and Diet Coke, then made my way down Centre St. to see what I could see. What I saw wasn’t much, until I spotted a pirate flag […]

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Tell Your Twentysomething To Do Something Practical.

I will always – ALWAYS – be grateful to my parents for letting me go after my dreams. When I said I wanted to be a pianist, they got me lessons. When I said I wanted to be an actress, they took me to auditions. When I said I wanted to be a singer, well, […]