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A short list of things that are Extremely Worth It:

The glass deductible rider on your car insurance policy. I’ve had like, 6 windshields over the years, honest to God. MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation. Two words: Seriously Amazing. The other afternoon, my boss went out for lunch. While he was gone I applied my daily dose, and, upon his return, he kind of […]

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How Not To Spend Your Time: Pt 1

B! and I went down to see my parents the other Saturday. Seeing the wretched state of my forearms, covered, as they were, in tiny red bumps, my mom gently steered me to the Minute Clinic at CVS. Together we waited there for about 40 minutes, observing the vast and varied pharmacy clientele, and were […]

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Microsoft Word could save you a lot of headaches.

From Boston Craigslist, 3/1/11: “Seeking Entertainment photographer to part of our Staff. seeking creative person to shoot live performances, still shots black/white and color to document our activities. interestred persons should leave infomation we will get back to you.” Free advice – when posting a help wanted ad, maybe think about using verbs. And spell […]

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If everyone did their job this well, we’d still be beating our dinner with clubs.

I usually pick up my prescriptions at CVS. In fact, I’ll usually take any excuse to pick up anything at all at CVS. I love CVS. Except for their piped-in music, which makes me want to throw railroad nails. Anyway, I went to CVS the other day and tried to fill my prescriptions, but their […]

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In college, I just ran the waffle machine in the dining hall. That was OK.

Tuesday was the kind of day that made me glad to have weekly therapy sessions. I’ve gone off the Abilify again, bolstered now by an extra 75mg of Effexor, so I don’t know if it was that or just the whim of the wind that swayed me from “great” to “feh”. Either way, I arrived […]