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  • I’m not a good traveller, apparently.

    My day started off early – like 6am early – which is truly a very early hour for me to be starting off at. I said goodbye to my darling sister, hooked up her new BluRay player, and headed out the door. I was a little groggy, not having had very much coffee, and also […]

  • “Noxious” is the word I was looking for.

    B! loves Mai Tais. Like, Loooves mai tais. Like, he’s had mai tais in at least seven states, he goes hunting for them. I don’t particularly care for mai tais – I’m really not a rum girl, except for the occasional mojito – but, things being as they are, I often drink mai tais when […]

  • An informal poll on the invasion of privacy

    I was writing this long, wordy post but I just got tired of it and deleted the whole thing. Here’s the crux of the matter: Someone leaves their journal at your house. Do you read it? Last night, blissed out on fish tacos and Albarino, I accidentally did just that – left the journal, that […]

  • Yes Christina, there really IS a horseshoe in my ass.

    I had dinner with Katsumi tonight at a restaurant I would never frequent if they didn’t have the best chicken fingers ever. We drank beer, ate food, and it was almost like something that’s normal to do – sharing corned beef and cabbage with your soon-to-be-ex husband while listing and dividing all your tangible assets. […]

  • Mixing it up

    We all know I’m a fan of cocktails. This is no secret. I wax poetic over cheap red wine, I adore a cold can of beer on a hot summer day, and I salivate at the sight of a Ketel One bottle. I love to drink, and I do it quite well. Unfortunately, lately I’ve […]