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  • Is glad she didn’t spend any more time at the bar.

    I heard this thing on the radio the other day about how people drink and drive too frequently, and how a full stomach (and moderation) are the keys to successfully staying under the limit. This occurred to me tonight, sitting barside with my sister sipping a particularly strong vodka cocktail. I was not just hungry, […]

  • @Kate Dixon, this one’s for you.

    Back in the day, I used to visit my sister at college in DC. She’s five years younger than me, and we’re different as sunshine and rain. My college days involved Simpsons and Phish concerts, while hers involved… clubbing. And not the type of clubbing where people offer you little white pills. It was quite […]

  • They call me E Money. At least, some of them do.

    So this started out as a comment over at DefineFunctioning, but it got really long and awkward and then I was like, hey, why don’t I just make it a blog post and link back. So that’s what I’m doing. To paraphrase, we are talking about how mental illness may or may not have impacted […]

  • I love my therapist.

    So I went out last Friday. Like, OUT out. Out with friends, out to a show, and out some more after that. But I was worried, because I hadn’t been looking forward to it. Not at all. And, while the night turned into something supremely spectacular, I had trouble getting in the groove. The next […]

  • The flesh, it is weak.

    I had this notion back in May that I might stop drinking for a month, from June 11 through July 11, making my birthday, July 12, an illustrious return to form. This wasn’t so much for health reasons as it was a great impetus for daily blogging – ErinirE’s adventures on the wagon. As a […]