Category: boozing

  • take THAT, "age-appropriate"

    Last night I drank from 4pm to 2am. And I played flip cup. And asshole. And today, I’m actually not vomiting. Why? Because I fucking rock. Yesterday I also got sideswiped by some douchebag on the southeast expressway, which was the catalyst for at least part of the drinking.

  • Blissfully unrelated to numbers

    Even though I spent the past 4 years working in documentary film, and even though Katsumi would peg me as the worst kind of cinema snob (Netflix conundrum: Ballets Russes or the latest Almodovar?), I do have my guilty pleasures. On a hungover Sunday, does one really want to be watching the tortured life of […]

  • you know what sucks?

    being sick at work. My boss just walked in to tell me something, and I looked at him, nodded a few times, then died. i woke up this morning and noticed i was tired. Not unusual. As I was getting ready to leave, I noticed that it hurt to swallow. Fairly unusual. Now, two hours […]

  • Drunk Wedding Expo

    There is only one way to deal with certain of life’s events: soak yourself in vodka and wedge a lemon between your teeth. So when Sabominator, my co-bride-to-be and partner in all things wedding-related, announced that she was in posession of two free tickets to Boston’s Great Bridal Expo, I filled my Camelbak with Absolut […]