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  • 10 days without Facebook and let me tell you, I’ve slept like a baby.

    I have this vivid memory of a moment in high school – perhaps during my junior year. As always, my curriculum consisted entirely of level-one and AP classes, in which I was expected to maintain averages of B+ or better. I was involved in church choir, voice lessons, community theater, piano lessons, voice COACHING, tap […]

  • It’s that time again, folks,

    that time of the month I warn the dude readers to avert their eyes. But first, a story. For most of my life, I’ve not been a fan of girls. Even as little kid, I would rather play Transformers with the boys across the street than Barbies with the girls next door. (The boys across […]

  • Worst. Week. Ever. I hope.

    THURSDAY: hospital takes grandpa off his respirator to await the inevitable. mother takes off in a panic to be there in his last hours. Offer to drive her, discover you’ve lost your car, office, and apartment keys. Obviously, she leaves without you. FRIDAY: grandpa dies, wantonly spend $800 on assorted funeral garb for you and […]

  • end of an era

    So my old boss moved out of his house yesterday. He’d been living there for 27 years. He’d been living there as long as I’ve been alive. You may have noticed his furniture up for sale on my Flickr, but it’s not for sale anymore. Everything that hasn’t been sold is sitting on the side […]

  • Satisfaction

    Sometimes it’s hard to get satisfaction in life. Your job is boring or your job is too stressful, you’re getting married or you’re freaking out about being single, you can’t do math or you can’t write an essay – and worse than that, there’s laundry EVERYWHERE. As I was falling asleep last night, I pondered […]