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Final Fitting

Imagine if you found your dream wedding dress, only $2,000 too expensive. Then imagine, through a website, finding a girl in Canada selling the dress at the right price. Then imagine that you decide to try it on one more time before sending $1800 CND via wire transfer and wind up finding a local store […]

worst week ever

so was that all a little intense?

i feel like the internet read my post and was like “yeah… not gonna get anywhere NEAR that one”. That’s fine, I wouldn’t want to touch it either if it weren’t my life. whee!! Anyway, grandma died yesterday at 4:20, which I find amusing in a sick sick sick way, and I’ll be traveling back […]

family life story worst week ever

Worst. Week. Ever. I hope.

THURSDAY: hospital takes grandpa off his respirator to await the inevitable. mother takes off in a panic to be there in his last hours. Offer to drive her, discover you’ve lost your car, office, and apartment keys. Obviously, she leaves without you. FRIDAY: grandpa dies, wantonly spend $800 on assorted funeral garb for you and […]