• KHW #8: Symphony of Fail

    So the whole reason we’re here right now, the whole reason we booked this shoot, is Shiverfest. It was described to us by the locals as a kite flying / ice fishing festival of wondrous proportion, a weekend where summer colors pattern the winter sky and blue teflon huts cover the lake. “We’ve GOT to get […]

  • This would be a cop out if it weren’t so funny.

    Yesterday I was too sick to post, today I’m too busy. But I promise that this video is more worthy of your time than the last. You really have to stick with it until the end, though, to get the full effect. Someday I will give birth and my baby will be ugly, stupid, and […]

  • For those who enjoy short, vertigo-inducing videos with crap sound and shit camerawork,

    I hereby present Radiohead. seriously, a man with no arms probably could have done better at holding the Flip steady. I was trying to dance, what can I say. I’m too burnt out in feminine misery to do anything more. pictures on facebook and flickr. stories to come, especially for those who send me painkillers […]

  • Festival Life: the sublime and the ridiculous

    The Sublime: a hippie festival The Ridiculous: hippies organizing a hippie festival. We got to the Vibes campground around 11pm on Thursday night, after a frustrating 45 minutes spent circling downtown Bridgeport, tapping furiously at our cellphones. The website promised signs off exit 27. There were no signs. Fucking hippies. The Sublime: a general 4-day […]

  • ND Shoot 4: A first for ErinirE

    Today began with a 7am call time. Pusser had latched onto the idea of shooting the Fargo Marathon, which started at 8am, which was awesome for me, because if there’s one thing I love more than waking up early, it’s waking up early to watch people run. I went to bed at 2:30am, and woke […]