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Is glad she didn’t spend any more time at the bar.

I heard this thing on the radio the other day about how people drink and drive too frequently, and how a full stomach (and moderation) are the keys to successfully staying under the limit. This occurred to me tonight, sitting barside with my sister sipping a particularly strong vodka cocktail. I was not just hungry, […]

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What’s up? Oh, nothing. Just working and stuff, doing all that. Yup, I’ve been good. Yup, B!’s good too, we’re good. He’s cooking a lot lately, which is nice, and we went apple picking last weekend. I took some pictures. Yeah, for sure, nice to catch up! Oh, hey, before I let you go, I […]

aberrant behavior best week ever free advice matrimony

Loves thisiht

Best moment of today, which B! and I spent on a Real Live Video Shoot: One of the extras: So, are you guys married? ErinirE and B! (in unison): No. All of the extras: *laughs* ErinirE: Well, actually, I am married. Just not to him. All of the extras: *is confused and awkward* ErinirE and […]

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Feels like a grown-up

My bed has been killing me lately. Not physically, I mean I don’t have backaches or anything, but it pops, it sags, and the frame has fallen apart no less than three times. I made B! drill it together with wood screws at 3am last April, and it seems lately that the wood screws are […]

aberrant behavior best week ever city living how i am awesome

Personification: too far.

Much has been made of my harem pants jumpsuit. I mean, that’s not MY harem pants jumpsuit, it’s just a for example. MY harem pants jumpsuit is black. I’ve gotten quite the response on Facebook to any and all posts mentioning said jumpsuit (really, the ONLY jumpsuit), so I can’t help but feel like people […]