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My Roving Obsessions

So I have this new favorite website,, in case anybody hasn’t noticed. I mean, I’ve been talking to my mom, my sisters, and people at Whole Foods about Etsy – I think I started burbling to the (male) cashier at 7-eleven the other day before I realized where I was and stopped myself. Sometimes […]

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I spend a lot of time in line for things.

I’m waiting in line at Target, online return with packaging in hand. It’s not a day that’s as bad as yesterday, but it’s also not a day that’s terribly GOOD. I’ve just come from Home Depot, which probably my #1 place to wish I could just curl up and die. Except maybe the East Boston […]

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I loved my iPhone. Katsumi gave it to me for my 29th birthday, just one day after the new release came out. I felt way above the curve for the first time in my life. An avid technophobe, I’d previously spent my days grumbling about the uselessness of the cameraphone and saying things like, “Who […]

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More on the Whole Foods Drunk

OK, I was really thinking about this. About why, exactly, it’s so much more meaningful to go into a whole foods sober and drink yourself shitless while inside than it is to simply drink a 40 and then go shopping for overpriced produce. And what I came up with was this: It’s kind of like […]