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  • From Eastie.

    I reached into the dusty old junk drawer and, mixed in with mini highlighters, little-used keychains, and an uncanny number of binder clips, I found all these old movie tickets Katsumi had saved. He’s one of those people that save movie tickets. And I couldn’t bring myself to look at them and I couldn’t bring […]

  • Sometimes I’m wrong.

    Just got back from Arizona and man, if I hear one more person talk about the dry heat I think I’ll have to chew off my fingers. While I was there, temps hit 113. Wind that could roast a flank steak. Sidewalks that could fry bacon. Even at night, you could practically draw a warm […]

  • Nobody loves you like…

    I’ve been running around a lot lately. Mexico, North Carolina, DC, plus the new job, my own freelance, and the wedding stuff. Yesterday my new boss and I drove to Rock Tavern, NY for a 1-day shoot from which I have just now returned. I’m exhausted. And my mother is worried about me. The danger […]

  • I’m not fit to live with. No, seriously.

    My college roommate used to refer to our apartment as “cluttered, not dirty”. Sure, there were piles of paper everywhere and the place stank of cigarettes, but we cleaned well and we cleaned often. At least, relatively speaking. Along the way, I’ve slid backwards. Living in West Newton my bad housekeeping could have been attributed […]