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Is having a problem over here.

So I’m writing this essay for this contest, and it’s about my personal journey from sickness to health. Well, I mean, it could be about anyone’s journey to any old place, really, but for me it’s about that. There’s a cash prize, also, so I’m especially motivated to make it a good read. And, as […]

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Where what’s mine is ours, unless it’s yours.

That Jake is a man of mystery. At first, he was no-one’s, except maybe this guy back in Eastie, who described the cat as having a “proud set of balls”. Technically, this was incorrect – That Jake only had one descended testis – but the one that promoted itself was proud indeed. Until last fall, […]

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They call me E Money. At least, some of them do.

So this started out as a comment over at DefineFunctioning, but it got really long and awkward and then I was like, hey, why don’t I just make it a blog post and link back. So that’s what I’m doing. To paraphrase, we are talking about how mental illness may or may not have impacted […]

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Then and now

Things I could handle just fine in January 2010: – being unemployed – asking my husband for a divorce – moving in with my parents – giving up my kitchen – getting dressed   Things I could not handle just fine in January 2011: – working – a friendly phone call from said husband – […]

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What would Emily Post do?

So I’m moving, right, and so is John, and so we’ve got to clean out the old apartment. I’m taking most of the furniture, this was decided ahead of time, and I told Katsu that I wanted a few things for sure. 1) the red velvet loveseat 2) the round coffee table 3) the orange […]