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  • Hates being reminded.

    Although I’ve never had any cash to speak of, I’ve always been incredibly interested in finance. I had a subscription to Money magazine when I was making Burger King wages on my first doc job, and I aspire to one day put my knowledge of mutual funds to good solid use. With the start of […]

  • Dear The Internet, Thanks for Nothing.

    So B! and I have officially become slave nursemaids to our eldest cat, That Jake. We are giving him liquid antibiotics four times daily, injecting SQ fluid once nightly, and generally monitoring his progress while he recovers from what sounds like some kind of liver failure. He explains it very well on his Facebook page, […]

  • Somewhere inside, I’m just a long-haired dude with a bag of chips in one hand and a 2-liter Mountain Dew in the other.

    I mean, I could update you guys about a lot of things. I could give you the over/under on all the tablets coming to market, and might, meanwhile, expound upon the relative merits of converting to ProRes 422 when using Final Cut Pro. I’m eagerly awaiting the maturity of HTML5. I own four 1-TB hard […]

  • Spend enough time at the pool, eventually you’re gonna get wet.

    I know, people are assholes on the internet. Back in the days of Orkut I used to encourage engagement with such folk, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve mellowed down. Happy, medicated, more mature, I rarely interact with the flame war ilk. But I do still have a temper. So I bought this thing on […]


    Fair warning. So two of my friends got married this summer, and, as their wedding present, I offered to document the ceremony and reception. I thought it would be a cheap, fun present, right? I just bring my camera down there, shoot the thing, bring it home, digitize, cut at my leisure, then get them […]