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    Fair warning. So two of my friends got married this summer, and, as their wedding present, I offered to document the ceremony and reception. I thought it would be a cheap, fun present, right? I just bring my camera down there, shoot the thing, bring it home, digitize, cut at my leisure, then get them […]

  • The devolution of man at a three-day festival

    CAMP BISCO: DAY 1 (Thursday) You start out all sunny and fresh with your specially bought snacks from WalMart and your brand new shiny glow sticks. Underslept and overcaffienated, you’re in good spirits despite spending hours in line waiting for a gaggle of Hells Angels to cavity-search your car. You have ice-cold Budweiser tallboys and […]

  • I’m glad to be 30 and not 21.

    I went and saw Phish the other night, got back to my hippie roots. No, wait, I shouldn’t say that. I was never a hippie, and, even though in college I would have professed to live for Phish, going to their shows always gave me mixed feelings. I had special “hippie gear” that I’d bust […]

  • FYI: Lasers and stuff

    If you ever go to the “Laser Floyd” show at the Boston MoS, I’d really suggest taking some acid first. At least a little. It’s just too ridiculous when you’re NOT tripping. Not that I’ve seen the laser show while thusly altered, but honestly? At this point, the whole “Dark Side” mythos is so overblown […]

  • Festival Life: the sublime and the ridiculous

    The Sublime: a hippie festival The Ridiculous: hippies organizing a hippie festival. We got to the Vibes campground around 11pm on Thursday night, after a frustrating 45 minutes spent circling downtown Bridgeport, tapping furiously at our cellphones. The website promised signs off exit 27. There were no signs. Fucking hippies. The Sublime: a general 4-day […]