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The flesh, it is weak.

I had this notion back in May that I might stop drinking for a month, from June 11 through July 11, making my birthday, July 12, an illustrious return to form. This wasn’t so much for health reasons as it was a great impetus for daily blogging – ErinirE’s adventures on the wagon. As a […]

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I’m not fit to live with. No, seriously.

My college roommate used to refer to our apartment as “cluttered, not dirty”. Sure, there were piles of paper everywhere and the place stank of cigarettes, but we cleaned well and we cleaned often. At least, relatively speaking. Along the way, I’ve slid backwards. Living in West Newton my bad housekeeping could have been attributed […]

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Full Disclosure

I was out at Drink with a friend the other night. We hadn’t seen each other for a long time, since just after I got out of McLean, so there was a lot to catch up on. After settling in and putting in a mildly challenging bar order, he asked me, hesitantly, “So, are you […]

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KHW #7: Hubris or Sloth?

Laundry is the most thankless of chores, I think, and hotel laundry is even worse. You have to beg the front desk for quarters, find your detergent and dryer sheets (or grovel for more change, so you can buy some from the ridiculously overpriced dispensers), get the key to the secret room, and take the […]

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ND Shoot 5: hidden truths

It’s kind of funny how you don’t know the kind of person you might become until you are forced by circumstance to become what you’re not. I’ve made kind of a big deal for awhile now about my distaste for children – they smell funny, they’re way emotional, they’re totally unpredictable, and they tend to […]