Category: confession

  • An anecdote

    Driving home from work today, I heard something behind me that sounded like a cross between a garbage disposal and a poorly-made hairdryer. The noise got louder and passed me on the left: a road-worn red Mustang piloted by the largest woman I’d ever seen. Her passenger was no less corpulent. As they pulled their […]

  • You’ve made your bed.

    I cried all the way home from work tonight. I cried down Pleasant St in Marblehead, I cried down Shore Drive through Swampscott, and I cried all the way down 1A, to Wonderland. I could be forgiven for the last — that stretch on 1A is pretty grim — but why the tears on what […]

  • Apparently I’m not the only one with a touch of bipolar.

    I’m confused about this restaurant the same way I’m confused about myself. Like me, it presents a polished, comfortable veneer for company and guests, but also, like me, it’s got issues that only come out at night. I went to the Back Bay Social Club for the first time somewhere around Thanksgiving. I was with […]

  • Hot Chick With A Camera (and a treatise on baking)

    That’s right. That’s me. I’m also a hot chick with a new 15″ MacBook Pro, which makes me very happy indeed. I’m also a hot chick who’s NOT baking any pies tonight, which, actually, kind of makes me a bit more elated than it rightfully should. A couple (read, 2) years ago, I think I […]

  • My Name Is Erin Anguish

    ****Warning: may be triggering and / or way more information than you asked for. I’ll need to vamp a little to get over the Facebook “cliff notes” package. So bear with me while I tell you that I thought of all this out on the way home from work tonight, thinking about something my shrink […]