Happy belated birthday – I’m looking at you, Pusser.


I’ve been reminded, lately, of this story from my wedding. It always comes up when brides ask how we move about during the ceremony, but somehow the mid-meeting telling seems oversharey and inappropriate. So from now on, I can direct them to this blog post instead.

So it’s March 2007. I’m in the white dress and Katsumi, miraculously, has trimmed his beard. We’re kneeling on the altar of the Catholic church I’ve attended since childhood, and I’m struggling to understand the West African priest who is presiding over the ceremony. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spy something large and spidery clambering across the floor with a videocamera in its hand. It’s Pusser, who you might remember from my many misadventures in North Dakota. By the time we parted ways he’d have been my boss for nearly ten years, although I didn’t know it at the time, and I had specifically NOT asked him to shoot my wedding. But shoot it he would, apparently, because there he was, crawling one-handed across the altar, like it was the most normal thing in the world.

“PUSSER!!” I hissed, gesturing furiously in the direction of the baptismal font. “MOVE!!” I didn’t dare to glance back at my mother.

The priest looked down and stared bemusedly at Pusser,who shrugged and slunk away.

Some minutes later, there was a bang and a LOUD crash, which would later be reported to me as the landing of the same unabashed would-be videographer after he tripped mightily over several pews trying to get a canted angle of my bridesmaids. “He was like, literally AIRBORNE,” I’d hear later, during cocktail hour. “Unreal!”

I stopped working with him rather abruptly in 2009, The Year of Trouble, just three months before my marriage officially dissolved. But I still love this story, and so many other things about my wedding day! And despite all the cringeworthy moments, I’m so glad to have it on video. Well – most of it, anyway.

Posting about Facebook on Facebook.


B! deactivated his Facebook profile a few days ago, if nobody’s noticed. I hate it when people deactivate their Facebook profiles, and always feel irrationally responsible when someone does so. The fact that I have Defriend Finder doesn’t help matters any. At any rate, I knew he’d deactivated practically before he’d hit “confirm”.

Rather peeved, I asked him, “So does this mean I’m single on Facebook?”

He didn’t think it was very funny. He may even have found it slightly creepy. I, however, think it’s hilarious. Single on Facebook! What a concept! I’d go ahead and change my relationship status, but that would probably be kind of alarming… to those of us who are on Facebook, anyway.

Unsent Tweets (geekery, etc)


@FCPX: You are bizarre. I see certain arguments for you, I suppose, but if I can’t open a 6.0.6 XML I’m totally calling BS.

@Pinterest: Why don’t you let me message other users? And how many people are actually following me, anyway? Profile says 78, Boards say 125.

@AVIDMC5: I know you’re supposed to be better than this. Show me your power.

Carpe Diem?


From this article, which trumpets the value of morning time.

Savor Something.Whether you like a big breakfast omelet or prefer toast and tea, eating food you enjoy can’t help but affect your mood for the better. Stock up on the ingredients you need to create your favorite breakfast, so they’re always in your cupboard first thing to lift your mood. But more important, take a few minutes to really experience and savor breakfast, even if it’s just a glass of juice. Allowing yourself to be absorbed in something you enjoy is a wonderful way to begin the day.

And I just had to think: would drinking wine count? I enjoy that QUITE a bit.

Things I learned while my boyfriend was away:


B! has been gone since Monday. Here are eleven things I found out.

  1. I’m more social when I’m single
  2. Filling ice cube trays is for the birds.
  3. The cats? They really poop a LOT.
  4. Taking out the trash is not my strong suit.
  5. I eat like shit when left to my own devices.
  6. I also don’t sleep properly.
  8. Gossip Girl really starts to slack midway through season 2
  9. Kale is an incredible vegetable
  10. Doing dishes is actually not that bad.
  11. But I still hate it.


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