Attention Mom: everything is OK.

Since the Abilify withdrawal debacle of NYE ’11, my mom has been kind of on my case about my meds. And, I mean, with good reason, right? The whole thing was a horroshow – almost took me right back to the Bin. Well tonight I’m happy to report that my psychopharm and I have a well-laid plan to kick Abilify out the window and welcome in a new era of Effexor. Tapering down on the one and boosting up on the other, crossing our fingers, and hoping for the best.

“This is kind of the nice part,” my shrink said to me tonight. “We’ve found what works for you, we just need to fine-tune it.”

I thought the nice part was when my medication was actually covered by my insurance. I still can’t believe that shit’s $500 for 30.

3 responses to “Attention Mom: everything is OK.”

  1. Hang in there Erin. Glad to hear you have a plan. I know that feeling very well, been there before and it sucks when you are trying to taper off things. Is Effexor covered by your insurance? I hope so. the last thing you need is more stress in your life.


    1. Effexor (Venlafaxine HCL as the generic) is completely covered. THANK GOD.


  2. Yay for a meds plan you can be confident about!! Oh, and if you ever are back on meds you can’t afford (or if, like me, your insurance plan is crap), Canada has them.


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