Caveat Emptor

This was a steal, even by Craigslist standards. $25 for a futon frame? Super sold. So B! and I hopped in the Yaris, buzzed across town, and knocked on the door of one of the nicest beachfront condos I’ve ever seen. Its owner, an early 20-something dudebro, gestured behind him at the pile of metal and wood that was the disassembled futon frame.

Hm, I thought, those arms look awful high.

“Those are some high arms,” I said.

“Yeah,” replied dudebro, “it just didn’t work in my place.”

But shit, for twenty five dollars, I’ll buy just about anything. So we put it in the car, we cart it back to Revere, haul the thing upstairs, and put it together.


Ladies and gentlemen, This thing is not a futon. It’s a bed. Or a restraining crib for cantankerous adults. You choose.

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  1. Too funny! We bought a $30 futon off Craigslist that seemed great in the photos but when went to pick it up, the lady was sitting on it with her overflowing ashtray in the garage. It was the smoker’s couch in the garage! She kind of dusted off the ashes and her husband started loading it into our truck. I felt so awkward and didn’t want it at all, but I suddenly turned all shy and just handed over my money, thinking I’d throw it away and learn a lesson. Instead, I sanded down all the wood and stained it, cleaned the mattress and now it’s a totally acceptable couch/bed in my home office.


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