malls + family = danger

on Sunday my whole family spent the day at the Prudential / Copley shopping complex. Now, if you are male, or if you are not my family, one might wonder how 5 people could really spend the entire DAY (noon to five, then move the car before our validation runs out and then back in the lot till 8) combing the merchandise of two malls. And you would be right to wonder. My family is not spendthrift, in a general sense, but being that females outnumber males by 4 to 1, and being that 50% of the females have a blooming designer fetish, after a few hours drifting blissfully between Sephora, Ann Taylor, Aldo and Coach even those of us most resolved NOT to spend money go haywire.

i knew that i was in trouble when we all spend half an hour in Tiffany’s, wherein all three of us girls picked out our engagement rings and my mother made me try on a string of pearls whose value is greater than the resale price of my car.

but i did so well– SO FUCKING WELL– until Eileen Fischer, of all places, where i saw this cute little black dress that would look great from now until 75, provided i don’t balloon out at pregnancy or even menopause. and it was half off. god help me. so then the floodgates burst open and in the next 90 minutes i bought:

a weird strapless dress (75 PERCENT OFF) from Jcrew

(i hate jcrew and i hate strapless dresses, so this purchase makes about as much sense as buying a pair of hot pink stilettos for my grandma)

a “wrap” for a christmas party on Friday (20 PERCENT OFF)

(20 percent off, but still 10 percent more than the aforementioned dress)

a “handbag” to match the “wrap”

(with a big fucking dumb bow on the front – i hate bows. this was more than half the cost of the “wrap”, which brings the cost of “wrap and bag” to more than the cost of the weird jcrew dress)

some “body creme” from the mongoloid bath and body works that has taken residence on the second floor or copley and that i JUST CAN’T GET OUT OF MY HEAD

and a really awesome sweater that was on sale and that i am keeping, thank you very much.

every time i try to convince myself that i am NOT a victim of commercialism, consumerism, and all the other bad “isms” that i so loathe, there is always a trip to the mall with my family to slap me back into the harsh reality that 9.99% fixed rate interest is not really all that great.

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